Director's Note



It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you PROLIX as a “single source products provider for all your HT & LT electrical products  needs.” As our prospective client, you are re-assured that the products/services and solutions that you will be procuring are from an organization with an absolute understanding of your needs and wants. We carry the experience and professionalism needed to help you in selecting the right product not only on your budget but also the one which fulfils your holistic requirements.

We at PROLIX are dedicated to providing the highest quality product and services to our customers with our goal to be your first choice for product, services and solution falling under our capability domain and our on-going challenge is to remain at the forefront, focusing increasingly on top end, quality products. We have taken great care in the selection products offered to you, whereas, each product has been designed around three main criteria: performance, quality and compatibility.

PROLIX welcomes you to take the reliability of our solution to every corner of India. We regularly test and review new products, study new applications and launch improved services to give you the best. The level of service provided by prolix’ s customer service and technical staff is acknowledged as being of the highest order. The importance of product training for our staff is paramount so they may help with any sales and technical support that you may need. Our highly trained sales and engineering departments’ offer help and advice on all issues concerning the operation of our full product range and solutions. With all the raw data at their fingertips, they offer a unique, comprehensive service that offers the value added benefits, associated with a well respected solution provider. We are extremely motivated and dedicated to make sure that our customers always come first. As we continue to encourage you to benefit from our highly qualified staff in the various fields, we also wish to be part of your success in the near future.

Vision & Mission

Shahzeb Azad


To be the best customer service team in our profession. To develop and maintain a first class infrastructure to ensure employee satisfaction, which drives customer loyalty, which leads to sustained profit growth, which creates improved company value.

Our vision for electrical, instrumentation services is to be a preferred company. With dynamic services, our mission is to facilitate the operator and supplier companies, customer satisfaction to increase earnings. Quality is not an option, but necessity.

For a company to survive and thrive in an environment of global competition, that company must provide a level of customer satisfaction that will lead to customer loyalty. However, it is impossible to achieve customer loyalty without first providing a quality of service that will ensure total customer satisfaction.



PROLIX employs a highly trained team of professionals that follows up and follows through one achene every transaction we manage. With our global network, we aim to be the most reliable company in the business with an inspired, people driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers. While we are proficient in offering world wide moving electrical products and any related or special services, we are not be satisfied with only that we also strive to be committed advisors to our customers and associates. Prolix's objective is to exceed the expectations of our customers through total quality management. Our goal is to provide cost effective alternatives to help our customers to realize their goals.